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Keeping You Safe Through Expert Automotive Service

We take automotive repair and maintenance seriously...but enjoy putting a little fun into our relationships! We’ve invested countless hours in training to make sure that we keep you and your car safe, building trust in our abilities and our recommendations. Providing you peace of mind, we will look after your vehicle, ensuring it runs at its most optimal level, with as little fuel consumption as possible. By having Extra-Tech maintain your vehicle, you are proactively extending your car’s life...and lowering the cost of repair down the road!


Courtesy Vehicles

We currently have 7 courtesy vehicles that can be made available to fill your transportation need while your vehicle is in our shop. If required, please speak to Trina to arrange for one of these vehicles during your visit.

Shuttle Service

  • Removes the hassle and stress of bringing your car in for maintenance or repair!
  • Complementary drive to work or back home and we will pick you up again when your vehicle is ready
  • Let our Advisors know when booking in your vehicle if you wish to use this service. Our latest pick up time is 3:30 pm
  • We also offer a pre-paid transit pass for your use should you wish to use transit instead of our shuttle service. Conveniently located near the C-Train and can provide you with a ride there

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented service. We are offering a pick-up and drop-off service for your vehicle. This concierge white-glove service may require a small fee based on distance. Contact Trina and they will make all arrangements required.

Oil, Lube, Filter

  • Ensuring your vehicle’s health and optimum running through quality oil changes
  • Lubricate engine parts to avoid excessive wear and tear, avoiding issues, such as overheating
  • Filter inspection – both engine and cabin air filters- to ensure proper removal of grit and debris for optimum vehicle performance
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection included with service


  • Electronic documentation system used to assess tire sizes and tread depths for life cycle of tire
  • Mounting and balancing for a wide range of tire types and sizes for both summer and winter tires
  • We offer storage options for your off-season tires
  • Ability to reset Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

Exhaust System

  • Replace mufflers that have failed to maintain a fuel-efficient vehicle
  • Proper vehicle performance, quieter running engine or unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Service and Repair of Oxygen Sensors and Catalytic Converters


  • Able to balance the air temperature of your vehicle cabin
  • Repair both electronic & manual air conditioning
  • Replace cabin air filters as required
  • Proper servicing equipment for most effective repair


  • Service for 4-wheel, 2-wheel, and all-wheel drive on all cars and trucks
  • Ability to replace all basic suspension components such as springs, shocks, struts
  • Repair of computer-controlled and air ride suspension systems


  • Manual and Automatic Transmission repair
  • Diagnostic of Electronic Controlled Transmissions
  • Fluid exchanges at proper internals for the longevity of your transmission


  • Customized software scheduling system to keep your personal vehicle information on file, such as mileage, oil type, preferred maintenance brands, last tune-up, etc.
  • Helps build a personal maintenance program for your vehicle care including when interval-based fluid exchanges and regular maintenance items are required to keep your vehicle at an optimum running level
  • Build maintenance plan for the longevity of your vehicle
  • Provides the best maintenance solution for a long-lasting, reliable, and economical vehicle

Engine Service & Repair

  • Extra-Tech Automotive is capable of solving any hard to find issues you may be experiencing
  • Checks for common engine issues, such as misfiring spark plugs, broken catalytic converters, and so forth
  • Computerized engine controls require “High Tech” diagnostic equipment
  • Fuel injection services for a smooth running, healthier engine

Electrical Systems

  • Specialized and Factory Diagnostic Scan Tools for Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles
  • Up to date diagnostic equipment for easy re-flashing of your vehicle’s computer
  • Ability to diagnose issues with all types of vehicles, including Audi, Honda and Toyota to name a few


  • Able to properly repair modern braking systems, including Anti-Lock, ABS, and Traction Control
  • Work with only quality brake materials for your safety
  • Able to properly repair 4-wheel and 2-wheel discs, all types and sizes of brakes

Cooling System

  • Ensure your car is running at the optimal temperature
  • Diagnose any leaks and repair if necessary
  • Assess water pump, radiator, thermostat, and electronic monitored system’s for most effective function


  • Adjust the steering angle of your wheels to ensure safe driving and less gas consumption
  • Maintain an equal balance on all four tires for optimal tire performance and life span
  • Computerized 4 wheel alignment machines to ensure accurate measurements and generate a printed report for your records
  • Wheel alignments are required maintenance with Calgary’s ever changing road conditions
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