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Supporting Our Community

Every holiday season, it’s important to us that we find a way to give back to the community. This year, with some help from our very good friend Murray, we distributed 20 turkeys to local churches and the food bank in hopes their leadership teams can place them in the hands of families or individuals in need of a good meal this Christmas.

Supporting Our Community

Extra-Tech Automotive Calgary Food Bank Extra-Tech Automotive Supporting Community

Veterans Food BankVFBC-LOGO

We made our second holiday turkey delivery to the Veteran’s Food Bank! Thank you for allowing us to give back to the community through your organization.

Veterans Food Bank

Mary Mother of the Redeemer

Five more holiday turkeys delivered to Mary Mother of Redeemer Catholic Church! Their leadership members will ensure each one makes it to a family or individual needing extra cheer and a good meal this year. Thank you Zach and Sterry for making the deliveries


Mary Mother of Redeemer Catholic ChurchMary Mother of Redeemer Catholic Church

Calgary Food Bank

Holiday turkey delivery #3! This time, to the Calgary Food Bank. Scott and Ryan were the ones to do the delivery this time around. They’re both journeyman technicians and a big part of the Extra-Tech Automotive team!

Calgary Food Bank

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