It’s true there are some things you just can’t shovel away.

Services and visual inspection package includes a basic visual inspection of above-listed items that do not require dismantling, removing, or repositioning components or obstructions for access (or the use of any specialized tools) for the sole purpose of visually ascertaining, unless otherwise noted, the general condition of the items listed and signs of wear, breaks, leaks, or missing parts, or advising you of recognized safety, performance, or maintenance/warranty concerns based on the service technician’s review or recognized industry guidelines, including your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, repairs, or replacements based on age, mileage, driving habits, and maintenance history. Your technician may make recommendations for additional investigations or diagnoses that are not included in the price of this service package.

Rotation of currently mounted tires only. Balancing not included. If tires are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), TPMS resets may be at an additional charge.

Fluid top-ups may include only up to a certain volume or be charged in addition to the advertised package price. Certain components, such as transmissions, may be “factory-sealed for life” and will not be checked unless otherwise indicated above.